Vybe is modern decentralized finance

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Vybe is a modular, decentralized finance protocol built on the Ethereum blockchain. Together, multiple vybe modules form a unified step forward for the industry.

Our contracts were built from the ground up with upgradability in mind, which uniquely positions Vybe for flexibility in the future.


Instant. Simple. Uncollateralized


Earn returns on staked VYBE


Our first Dapp - Vybe Loans is a cryptographically secure way to loan VYBE, where every loan is guaranteed to be paid back in full.

There is no risk to any participants. When they're paid back, 1% interest is earned. This interest is burnt, directly contributing its value back to the ecosystem.


VYBE is required to utilize modules, providing intrinsic value to VYBE. You can stake your VYBE to enable the ecosystem and increase your holdings.

The first month month of Vybe's existence, 5% of the VYBE supply was issued, and 4.75% was distributed to stakers. The remaining 0.25% funds future development to ensure the platform's long-term viability.

The staking rate will continue to decrease every month to the final staking rate of 2% of the VYBE supply.


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We're on a mission to create a modern, easily upgradable DeFi platform and have a strong team made up of dedicated individuals with prior experience in the sector.

Our guiding principles are to be honest and transparent while innovating and working on secure, dependable products.

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Ty Schenk Twitter Logo Twitter Logo

Ty is an experienced software engineer with years of experience developing unique solutions for the cryptocurrency industry. Most recently he was CEO of Brainblocks, a non-custodial payment processor for the cryptocurrency Nano.

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Bighands has years of experience as a cryptocurrency developer. Previously working on a Solidity lottery system. He is currently committed to developing Vybe.

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Community Manager